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    #2 Where should you dry your hands?


    WOW! You really are part of the “Clean Team”! You’re right! You just made sure you had nice clean hands by washing them- you want to keep them clean when you dry them too!

    Well - that’s probably not the best idea. After all, you’ve just washed your hands to make sure they’re clean. Your jeans aren’t a clean place to dry your hands.

    That’s not exactly true. Microorganisms (germs) grow especially well in an environment that is warm and wet. When you have just washed your hands, they are both warm and wet. It is important you thoroughly DRY your hands as part of the hand washing method.

    You’re right that it’s important to dry your hands! But remember that you want to dry your hands on something CLEAN. If everyone is using the same towel, it isn’t going to be very clean.